How Tripelli Works

For Guests
Booking Costs
Tripelli is completely FREE to Guests. The site is intended to act as a marketplace and aims to bring Holiday Rental Homeowners/Managers and Guests together. Our main driver is to help Guests find Properties to rent and to keep prices as low as possible for both Guests and Homeowners.

Unlike the large multinational listing sites, Tripelli does not offer any Direct Booking service. The primary reason we work this way is to keep the cost of renting a Property as low as possible for Guests. On average, the larger sites charge Guests an additional 9% per booking for this service. We feel that this is purely profiteering and therefore we'll never offer Direct Booking, or charge the Guest a fee. That's our Guarantee.

How Do I Book?
Once you've found a Property on the site that meets your needs, in terms of the Property's size, location and cost, then you'll use the Booking Enquiry form on our Property page to contact the owner.

Because we don't offer Direct Booking, you'll be able to deal directly with the Homeowner when making both reservations and payments. Each owner has their own process in place and we respect their right to do things their way. We leave it up to the Homeowner and the Guest to decide how the rental should be paid, although we do encourage Homeowners to accept Paypal and Credit Cards. These methods of payment provide greater security for Guests and Homeowners alike.

How Secure is Booking a Property Rental?
There is always a risk of booking something sight unseen and this is the same on Tripelli as it is on any other Holiday Rental site. However, there are some sensible precautions that you can take when booking a Property and before you make payment. Please see out Guests FAQ page for more information and also our Booking Tips page, which can be accessed from the booking enquiry form.
For Homeowners
Advertising Costs
As Homeowners ourselves, we know just how expensive it's become to advertise a Property with the large Multinational sites. So, we intend to keep our cost to Homeowners as low as possible. As an introductory offer, if you sign up to list a Property with us Now, then the listing for that Property will be 100% FREE until 30th June 2018. After that, you'll switch over to a standard flat fee Annual Subscription, which we are currently planning to set at around £165 per Property.

So, How is Tripelli Different?
Tripelli was set up in response to the business practices introduced by the big multinational sites during 2016. The whole purpose of this site is to offer Homeowners a cheaper, fairer and viable alternative to the major sites, but more specifically, to put control and communication back in the hands of both Homeowners and Guests. Once the Guest has contacted you via the Booking Enquiry form on the site, then we're not involved with the booking beyond that.

It's our intention to turn back the clock and make renting out a Holiday or Holiday Rental Property far more rewarding for the Homeowner. We're not a charity, but we're also not looking to run Homeowners into the ground!

Transparency We'll always keep our costs as reasonable as possible. We'll never introduce Direct Booking and so we'll never build Chinese Walls between you and your and Guests. Tripelli is, and always will be, fully transparent. It's Old School Holiday Rentals.

Why Not Try us Out?
Apart from the time it takes to set up your property on Tripelli, it will cost you nothing to list your Property on the site until July 2018 and even then, you'll have the choice whether to continue. So why not try us out!